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honed black absolute kitchen counter undermount sink

Stone Finishes

What’s the difference between polished, honed, and antiqued anyway? Once you’ve chosen your stone type, the next decision you have to make is what sort of finish you want on it. There are 3 main types of finishes available for natural and engineered stone slabs: polished, honed, and brushed. Polished: This is the high gloss […]

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Absolute Black Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse and Vessel Sinks: Pros and Cons

Last time we talked about two popular sink options and made an argument for the undermount sink. However, we failed to mention two other very popular sink styles – the farmhouse sink and the vessel sink. Both have distinctive style features that can make a bold statement in your home design. Apart from design, you […]

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drop-in sink

Undermount or Overmount?

The answer: Undermount! Now, we understand that choosing the right sink for your project can be an overwhelming process. Not only are there many different materials and looks to choose from, but there are also different constructions – drop-in, under mount, vessel, farmhouse – which apart from giving very different looks also have different install […]

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granite kitchen counter


Welcome to the Stone Center, Inc. Blog! We plan to turn this space into a source of information on everything from stone selection to care and maintenance to ideas and inspiration. We’re here to answer any questions you might have. If you don’t find the piece of information you’re looking for, please leave us a […]

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