Cast Stone vs Limestone Fireplaces


Cast Stone, Fire place, Mantle

Cast Stone Fire Place Mantle

Cast Stone:


• Almost limitless color and texture options

• Lower materials/fabrication cost

• Good for exteriors because of its weather resistance and resistance to moss and lichen growth

• Can be made lighter than stone for applications where weight might be prohibitive or costly


• Limited to stock designs and measurements, custom molds can be made, but are costly

• Colors can fade with time





• Unlimited designs which are custom made for your home and style

• Strong, durable material created by nature

• Many limestone’s have fossils and other features which can’t be replicated in cast stone


• Fabrication is more time consuming and costly than cast stone

• Might not hold up as well as cast stone in exterior situations. The natural calcium carbonate in the rock will weather away, moss will grow more easily

• Colors and texture are limited to those found in nature

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