Farmhouse and Vessel Sinks: Pros and Cons

Last time we talked about two popular sink options and made an argument for the undermount sink. However, we failed to mention two other very popular sink styles – the farmhouse sink and the vessel sink. Both have distinctive style features that can make a bold statement in your home design. Apart from design, you want your sink to work well for your lifestyle. Farmhouse sinks have been around for generations because their large size makes them excellent workhorses in the kitchen and laundry room. We’ve come up with a list of pros and cons for each below.

Farmhouse Sinks

Absolute Black Farmhouse Sink


  • Size: These are the workhorse sinks of the kitchen. Their large size and deep pans allow you to clean even large dishes with ease. No more wrestling with the turkey pan that’s too big for the sink – it’ll fit in a farmhouse sink.
  • Many material options: These days, with farmhouse sinks being increasingly popular, you can find them in nearly any material. Stainless, copper, cast iron, enamel. We can even make you one from stone!


  • Cost: Farmhouse sinks tend to be one of the more expensive options out there.
  • Splashing: Some people complain that they get splashed with water when using the sink because there’s no counter between you and the sink to act as a buffer zone. Many people don’t notice a difference.
  • Difficult to remove: If, years down the line, you decide to opt for a new sink, or need to replace a broken or damaged one, chances are you’re looking at replacing at least that section of your counter as well.

Vessel Sinks



  • Style: These sinks are very popular today for their style. The sink becomes a focus point in the room.
  • Easy Replacement: Because these sinks sit on top of the counter, they are easily removed and replaced. With sinks that are mounted at the drain hole only, it’s as simple as removing the old and setting down the new. And it’s easy to switch between models, manufacturers, etc.


  • Difficult to keep clean: Because they sit on top of the counter, these sinks always have narrow crevices at their base which can make cleaning tricky. Water spots are very visible in clear glass sinks. You have to clean not only inside the sink, but outside too.
  • Splashing: Some of these sinks are shallower than traditional undermount or drop in options which means that water can splash out onto your counter more easily.
  • Not for kitchens: While well suited for the bathroom, their small size and construction just doesn’t work in the kitchen.
  • Limited Faucet Options: The sink sits on the counter, so you need a faucet that can be easily reached. Traditional faucets that sit low behind the sink won’t work
  • Hard for kids to reach: Because they sit on top of the counter, the height can be difficult for children to reach. Typical vanities are 33” tall, plus approximately 5-7” for sink height. That puts you at 38-40”. You can, of course, plan ahead and make lower vanities if needed.

Ultimately, sink choice depends on you, the buyer. You want your sink style to fit not only your home’s unique design, but also your lifestyle.

Do you own either a farmhouse or vessel sink? What do you think of our list of pros and cons, did we leave anything out?


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