Get ready, Set, Go! Starting your remodel project


Before contacting a remodeling professional, you’ll need to do some research.  The first phase of any project should be planning.   Sometimes it’s the step that gets ignored.  Part of your planning should involve you taking measurements of the space you want remodeled.  This will help you get a good grasp on the planning and scope of work you want done.  If your project will include natural stone or quartz be sure and get educated on the materials and the options. Call or visit our showroom and find out what all might be possible. All of us here at the Stone Center are here to help you along the way.

Define Your Goal

Are you remodeling to increase resell value or, are you making a space to entertain?  Do you want a kitchen that will help with resale in a few years. Maybe you’re dreaming of a kitchen built for entertaining or one that allows several people to cook at once. Decide on your wants and needs. Make notes about how you plan to use your space. Is your goal to have a casual and open concept kitchen that will be a gathering place to relax and enjoy cooking and meals with friends and family?

Create a Budget

To help you get an idea of how much you can allow in your budget for a kitchen remodel, go to The National Association of the Remodeling Industry or NARI website and download their worksheet.  It makes crunching numbers a cinch.   Also do some research on prices of your wish list must haves.  Make sure final materials and plans are included.  Can you fit it all into your budget? 

Timing is Everything

Do you have an event on the calendar that would be affected if your kitchen was under construction? Be sure to talk about timing and deadlines while interviewing potential contractors

Create your design book

Discovery is the first step in creating a result that you will love for a lifetime. While you’re thumbing through magazines, tear out pictures that you like of kitchens, and jot down some notes about what you like about the photo. Keep all of your photos in a three-ring binder or folder to create your design book.

Also, look online for design ideas. Pintrist, HGTV, Houzz or, you can google kitchen design ideas and print out images that match the style you want to achieve.

As your design book grows, a clear picture of your personal style of kitchen/bath will begin to emerge. Your book will be a helpful tool for the contractor that will eventually do the work.

Get educated

Once you have an idea of what you might want in your project it is a good idea to get educated. Talk to the professionals about your options. Suppliers can be helpful however the professionals that work with the products everyday will be able to give you a better opinion. Most suppliers do not offer all of the product options and will only offer what they sell.  Many products look and function similarly while not providing all of the same quality and functions. Talking to the pros in the industry may provide you with ideas and solutions that you have not thought of. Ask a lot of questions and listen to what they have to offer.

Realistic Expectations

Most relationships suffer from lack of communication and unmet expectations.  You should have clear and defined expectations for your remodeling project.  Pick a contractor that will explain to you what to expect during the remodeling project from demolition to the final walkthrough, and also listen to you and communicate with you before the start of the project.   Your contractor should discuss with you what is realistic, what is not, and what may be below their professional standards.  Make sure you let them know you expect them to show up on time and respect your property.   Also, you should stress that you would like them to be available for you to communicate with during your project, and that what you agreed on is produced.  Finally, things as small as clean up should be discussed and don’t forget to ask about warranties on their work.  

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