Choosing the Right Stone for Your Project


Natural stone offers rich, beautiful and practical surfaces for many applications. Colors, textures and finish choices are endless and each type of stone features unique properties that make them ideal for certain applications. Our wide selection of stone is sourced locally and from around the world.

All Stone Center natural stone products are created by nature and therefore lack the uniformity of man-made products. Blocks of stone are carefully chosen from the quarry, sliced into slabs and one side is given a polish. Pitting, fissures, dry seams and other natural characteristics are common in stone and are what give your finished project a unique and artistic quality.

Available slab sizes vary. We keep slabs in stock and also work with local suppliers. We can source your stone from near or far, ensuring you find the perfect look for your project. Visit our showroom to view our current inventory of stone products and sizes.

Stone Center can also add a custom finish to your stone project.


Polished stone features a glossy surface which reflects light and emphasizes the color and pattern of the stone. It looks great on kitchen counters and slab shower walls.


A honed finish features a satin surface with relatively low light reflection. Generally, a honed finish is preferred where the presence of water might make a polished finish slippery, where heavy traffic would wear off the polished finish, or where acidic substances may come into contact with the stone.


An antiqued finish is the most textured. It highlights veins and other stone characteristics by adding relief and a unique feel. It adds interest to countertops and bathtub floors.

Visit our showroom to touch, feel and see examples of our natural stone finishes.