Waterjet Cutting

Dedicated as ever to provide the very best in custom fabrication, Stone Center is now equipped with a Flow Mach3 Water jet.

Flow Waterjets are the very best in precision water jet technology, and are capable of cutting virtually any material. Plastic, Stainless Steel, Marble, Quartz, and Granite are just the beginning. Stone Center is ready, willing, and able to take your custom cut idea and bring it to life with our new Flow equipment.

Any Material, Any Design

  • Cut lettering, logos, and art into any material.
  • Complex cutting at exceptional speeds.
  • Waterjet cutting uses no heat! So there’s no heat affected zone.
  • Virtually any shape or design is possible; if it can be drawn, it can be cut!

The Best Equipment for the Best Quality

  • 6’6” x 13’ bed for cutting large material
  • Dynamic Waterjet Tech means our Waterjet cuts at three times the speed of a standard model!
  • Tight nesting means less material waste
  • An exacting precision of =/-.001 in.!

Check out this timelapse video of a waterjet floor design we installed on the Grand Princess ship.

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