Custom Marble Bathtub

Custom Verde Dark Marble TubMake your mark in stone

We love a challenge! Unique projects and custom installations like this crafted marble bathtub illustrate our ability to fabricate just about anything you can dream up.

Spa jets and heat tubes can be added; we can integrate it with tub deck and riser or create a versatile tub/shower combination. The possibilities are almost endless!

Here is how we did it!

Verde Dark Marble Tub Assembly 2

1. A custom stainless steel frame is built.

Verde Dark Marble Tub 2

2. We assemble the stone inside the steel frame.

Verde Dark Marble Tub Assembly 3

3. The frame is removed and the tub is covered entirely in epoxy and fiberglass sealing it and adding structural support.

Verde Dark Marble Tub Assembly 4

4. The steel frame is re-attached with more fiberglass.

Verde Dark Marble Tub Assembly 6

5. Insulating foam is applied and framework built.



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