Remnants: A Great Solution for Small Spaces

Marble, granite, and quartz are becoming increasingly popular throughout the home. And this makes perfect sense – they’re beautiful, durable, and sustainable!

For smaller projects, however, it often doesn’t make sense to buy an entire slab of material. In fact, doing so would put stone out of reach, cost wise, for many people. Marble, granite, and quartz are all sold by the slab (more about marble and granite pricing can be found here).  This means that even if you need only half, or a third of the slab, you’ll have to buy it all.* But before you give up on your dream of that marble vanity, we have just the solution – remnants!

Remnants: leftover pieces of marble, granite, quartz, or other natural stone slabs which can range in size from just a few square feet to half a slab or more!”


You can save money on your project in three ways by using remnants.

  1. You are buying less material when you purchase a remnant. Since marble and granite are priced by the square foot, buying less square footage means a lower cost for you.
  2. Remnants are generally sold at below wholesale prices!
  3. Because we don’t have to deal with picking up slabs from other warehouses and all of the time and effort that transporting slabs involves, we can pass that savings on to you too!

Marble and Granite Remnant Section at Stone Center  Inc

Remnants can be useful for larger projects too. Perhaps you are doing your kitchen and your powder room. Remnants are a good ift if you don’t have enough material left from your kitchen to cover both areas, or if you want a different material for your vanity top.

Here at Stone Center, Inc we have a large selection of remnants – one of the largest in the area in fact. If you’re looking for a particular stone, give us a call and we’ll check if we have a remnant in stock that fits your needs. If you haven’t chosen the exact material yet, come on by and browse through the remnants – we’ll help you find just the right piece!

*Some slab warehouses will sell half slabs at a slightly higher cost. This is also a great option for smaller projects. If you can’t find a remnant you like, we recommend asking your fabricator or slab warehouse if they participate in such a program.

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