Q&A: How is granite priced?

A: In most cases, granite price is a direct reflection of its availability. Rarer stones are more expensive. More readily available stones are less expensive.

Because marble, granite, limestone, etc. are natural products created by Mother Earth herself, they are all available in limited quantities. Some granite deposits are vast and expand hundreds of miles across. In other places, however, the minerals that make up a particular granite, or marble, variety may only exist within a very small area. This is especially true for rocks that contain rarer minerals (for example, anything blue – like the Blue Bahia Granite below,  is generally rare). This translates fairly directly to the material price. The more limited a stone’s supply, the higher the price.

Blue Bahia Granite Price

So, what this means for you, the consumer, is that buying a less expensive granite does not mean you have to sacrifice quality. A $20 a foot granite can be just as durable and beautiful as a $100 a foot granite. Which stone is right for you depends on your taste, your project, and your budget.

In general, granites with more movement and a wider range of colors tend to be more expensive. More uniform granites are often (but not always), more economical.

Another factor that impacts the cost of material for a project is the size of the slabs that you select. Like fabric or carpet, slabs are purchased for a project based on the layout of a project. Slabs can range in size from 57”x110” (44 square feet) to 80”x130” (72 square feet). Depending on how w project lays out on a particular slab will determine the “waste factor”. Sometimes a more expensive material may end up less expensive if the waste factor is lower.

Limestone Slabs in Shop

Each supplier has their own pricing scale. Some are alphabetical (A,B,C), others numerical (Level 1, 2, 3). What we recommend is that you ask the supplier to explain their scale when you visit. Explain to them the type of stone you’re looking for, if you know. What colors do you like? Do you want a lot of movement, or more of a uniform look? What sort of price range would you like to stay in? This information will help them point you in the right direction.

Even if you think you have a good idea of what type of stone you want, we encourage you to look around. There are literally hundreds of varieties out there, and you may find you like something completely different than you had imagined.

Once you find a slab, or two, that you like. The supplier will let you place a hold on the material. You can then call us, email, or stop by our showroom to tell us about your project, share any drawings you might have of the space, and your stone decisions. We’ll then work up a price just for you that includes your material, fabrication, and installation.

Have any more questions about how granite or marble is priced? Call or email us today! (503) 234-5361.



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