Looking for that unique feature in your bathroom?

There is no doubt about it, a bathroom remodel can be challenging.  All the painstaking moments, the hundreds of decisions that need to be made, and then there’s the budget looming over you.  How many of you have been on Houzz or Pinterest, looking for ideas?  The majority of us can honestly say we’ve lost ourselves for countless hours in the midst of “ooh, I love that” and “I want that in my house.”  Most of us have been sucked into the allure of these sites.  They generate and store endless possibilities and feed our fantasies.


Lately, I’ve been coming across Integral sinks.  Single basin, double basin and even one long basin with 2 faucets.  These sinks now become that wow factor in your new bathroom.  Not only are they unique, but they are just as functional as a porcelain sink.  What if you had an exotic stone that had an interesting pattern or a long vein?  It would be a shame to cut it out and put in a porcelain sink.  However, you could use that to your advantage and create that unique feature by using that stone to create a sink that is one with the counter.  Did you pick out a slab that had a large vein that you wanted to run the length of your counter, through the sink and end up on the other end of the counter?  Well we can do that.  We have done that.


It doesn’t stop there; Integral sinks are good for kitchens and wet bars as well.  You can find them on Houzz and Pinterest or come by the Stone Center and check out our integral sink display in our showroom.  We are happy to look at any images you bring in.  You can even contact us via our website.


We are happy to look at any images, help you with your design or help you select the right material for the job.  We work hard to make your dreams and fantasies become a reality.Double SinkCourtesy of Pinterest

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