Undermount or Overmount?

The answer: Undermount!

Now, we understand that choosing the right sink for your project can be an overwhelming process. Not only are there many different materials and looks to choose from, but there are also different constructions – drop-in, under mount, vessel, farmhouse – which apart from giving very different looks also have different install and cleaning and maintenance needs.

When it comes to deciding between undermount and overmount, however, the benefits of an undermount sink far outweigh the small added cost. They’re much easier to keep clean and don’t break up the counter like their overmount cousins. We’ve compiled a list of pros and cons for each below.

We’d love to hear your comments too. What is your experience with these sinks? Which one did you choose? If you had to do it again, would you?


Undermount Sink


  • Clean Lines: Installing an undermount sink allows for a clean horizontal line across the entire counter, with no sink bump up as with drop-in sinks.
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance: when we install undermount sinks, we attach them as close as possible to the stone above, and run a bead of silicone to completely smooth out the joint. This means that there are no grooves or cracks for germs or mold to build up.
  • Easy to clean counters: It’s easy to use a sponge or cloth to wipe crumbs and debris directly into the sink. No need to wipe into your hand, which we all know means on to the floor too, causing extra work.


  • Cost: An install on an undermount sink will cost you about $150 more than for a drop-in. This is because it takes extra time to polish the stone around the sink hole.
  • More difficult to install: Undermount sinks require proper support during install so they do not separate from the counter.
  • Can be difficult to remove: Because they need more support, undermount sinks are more labor intensive to remove. It can also be difficult to find a replacement sink that maintains the same footprint should you decide to replace the sink with a different model.

Drop-in (Overmount)

drop-in sink


  • Easy Install: No need to polish the edges of the stone. Drop the sink in and you’re good to go!
  • Easy to Remove: If your sink should be damaged, or if you simply want a new look, this is one of the easiest sink types to replace as you simply need to disconnect the sink and pull it out. Hole sizes are fairly standardized, and they can be easily enlarged if need be, so switching out sinks is easy.


  • Outdated Look: Style-wise, the drop-in sink’s time has come and gone. Many feel that the look is dated and for this reason alone won’t install a drop-in sink in their new kitchen or bath.
  • Difficult to Clean: Even if you keep your kitchen immaculate, it is extremely difficult to keep the area under the sink lip completely clean. We’ve all experienced the build up of food waste and mold that can happen with these sinks.
  • Breaks up Counter: Granite and marble often have beautiful patterns that sweep across the counter. With drop-in sinks, these patterns are broken up and your eye is drawn to the sink, not the stone.

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